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COVID-19 Guidance

Latest COVID-19 guidance for people visiting Corfe Mullen Baptist Church

(Last updated Monday 7th March 2022)

Since the Government announcement that the remaining COVID-19 restrictions have been abolished, we are trying to get back to something that approaches a normal way of living. Despite this, however, we need to remain aware that the Coronavirus has not gone away and we must find a way to "live with the virus" that enables us to be vigilant and considerate of the needs of others without living in fear of the virus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked a while back that we all "use our common sense" in the fight against Coronavirus, and this will continue to be the basis of all the guidelines below for the use of our building. We are confident that we can rely on all people who use the building to put the needs of others before their own personal comfort or convenience, and together we can all play our part in overcoming the pandemic and progressing towards whatever "the new normal" might eventually prove to be.

Following the removal of the remaining Government restrictions, and taking into account the latest guidance notes issued by Baptists Together, we ask that all users of the church buildings observe the guidelines below. Please note that these guidelines are generic for all building users and other groups may have additional suggestions or requests.

Social Distance -
Whilst there are now no rules for social distancing, we ask that you please continue to consider others when using the building, respecting personal space at all times. There is no legal requirement to socially distance but many people will feel more comfortable if they are allowed some space whist the virus is still prevalent in the community. For church services and choir rehearsals, we will continue to place the chairs a reasonable distance apart. Whilst formerly we have asked that the chairs do not get moved, you are now free to do so if you wish to sit closer to a group of friends or family.

Face Coverings -
There is no legal requirement for face coverings to be worn and it is down to the personal preference of each user of the building to determine if and/or when it would be right to wear a face covering to ensure that fellow users may feel comfortable in the building. Whilst face coverings are a valuable way to avoid spreading the virus, knowing that one does not have the virus is a far more certain protection, so we would suggest that users of the building should confirm a negative lateral flow test if they are at all concerned that they may be infected.

Ventilation -
It is highly recommended that as much ventillation as possible should be provided. Windows may be opened (please remember to shut and lock them before leaving the building) and the front door may be left pegged open (naturally, we would expect the door to remain closed for children's activities or where a group's own risk assessment requires this).

Hygiene -
There will always be a pump dispenser of alcohol gel on the table immediately inside the front door and you may use this when entering the building. If this is running low and we don't appear to have noticed, please contact us. We would also ask that people using the toilet facilities wipe down contact surfaces after use. A cloth and spray cleaner is provided for this purpose.

Singing -
We particularly rejoice that singing is now once again permitted in church services. Our Sunday service is characterised by a block of sung worship and our risk assessment confirms that this does not pose a risk for people attending the service as published scientific tests show that singing does not project any more droplets than normal speaking. Whilst attendance remains low compared to the capacity of the church building, there will be no restrictions placed on sung worship, nor on other congregational input such as Bible readings or prayers.

Communion -
For the forseeable future, we will continue with our current arrangements for Communion services: the minister presiding will sanitise their hands before touching the bread and we will drink the wine from the small individual cups to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination. Both bread and wine will be distributed by the minister and will not be passed around among the congregation.

And finally -
A big "Thank You" to all the people who have used the building over the past two years for all the respect that has been shown to all other users of the building. The fight against the virus is a joint effort and we appreciate your cooperation toward this aim.

If you have any questions about the guidance above, or about any other aspect of our fight against the Coronavirus, please contact us.

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